Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art and translated means way of the foot and the fist.

The study of Taekwondo is underpinned by 5 tenets:-

  1. Modesty
  2. Etiquette
  3. Perseverance (Innae means perseverance in Korean)
  4. Self-control
  5. Indomitable spirit

The art itself focuses on a combination of combat techniques self-defence and comprises several elements:-

  • Basic techniques including punching, kicking, blocks and stances
  • Poomsae – set patterns of defence and attack movements
  • Kyorugi - Sparring
  • Self-defence
  • Breaking

All students start as “Kup” grades or coloured belts as follows:-

Kup Colour
10th White
9th White + Yellow stripe
8th Yellow
7th Yellow + Green Stripe
6th Green
5th Green + Blue Stripe
4th Blue
3rd Blue + Red Stripe
2nd Red
1st Red + Black Stripe